How do I use facebook credits in farmville?

How can i use my facebook credits on farmville? I currently have 6. Can i buy farm cash with it? if so, how can I purchase farm cash with facebook credits!? please help!

2 thoughts on “How do I use facebook credits in farmville?

  1. Rohit Dev

    If you have facebook credits then do the following steps:
    1.Click Farmville.
    2.Click on Get FarmCash [on the farmville tab besides invite friends]
    3.Then select facebook credits and enter the amount of farmville cash according to your credits.
    conversion is stated out there.[10 fb credits = 4 farmcash]

    Since you have only 6 facebook credits.Do the following.
    1.Log in your facebook account.
    2.On right side,click on account
    3.Then click on credits balance.
    4.Then click on "buy more" option
    5.Then click more payment options.
    6.Then select "earn credits"
    and it will show you many free offers,which you can complete ,without spending anything.


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